I will not update this blog until we get our wifi back. So probably next month. Bye for now. :)


protect yoko ono and courtney love at all costs


Title: Fulfilled

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. :(

A/N: Yeah, boredom kind of brings the creative person in me.


Guys, does anyone know the Faberry fic where to keep Rachel, Quinn got her pregnant?

your karmy story was too good. you called it happy ( untrue ) so i was in a state of mind that it would work out! not end with my eyes watering and my mind going no karma, call her! :( i loved it though, great story :)

I try not to live by the cliches. Thanks, anon! :)

Title: Happy

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. Well, except my laptop. Kidding, my parents own this thing so I really have nothing.

A/N: I was so caught up with Karmy so I wrote a thing. I wrote this for like 10 minutes only without proofreading and thinking so sorry for errors and mistakes and crying noises. 

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